Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Knock Out Game - Black on White Violence

WND has been reporting on the Knock Out Game for over a year now. The Knock Out Game will not be reported on mainstream media because doing so would expose the prejudice that pervades black society. The Knock Out Game is basically groups of blacks randomly selecting white individuals and beating them until they are unconscious. There have been hundreds of these incidents occur in the past few years. The Knock out Game is very popular in urban areas and well known in the black communities of urban areas. Recently there were 4 black freshman football players from the University of Alabama arrested for the engaging in the Knock out Game but the major news media will not report this because the crybaby Al Sharpton and the NAACP would claim its profiling. The demonization of profiling is a major contributor to the racial divide in this country. By demonizing profiling it gives blacks a license to commit violence without suspicion. Blacks can disproportionately commit crime and whites are not allowed to point out that its so. Allowing this inability to profile is contributing to the destruction of America. 911 was a direct result of this ridiculous law. Read more about the knock out game here:

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